Overcome your fear of rejection

Hi! I'm coach Alex and I’m here to silence your inner critic.

Imagine how good your life could be if your anxiety and fear didn't always get in your way. Think about what you might have, might be and how you might feel.
As a life and confidence coach I am passionate about teaching my clients to get out of their own way to achieve the success they deserve at work, in relationships and every aspect of life!
If you want to feel free and accomplish your goals, let's work together!


I help clients with:

Imposter syndrome

Feel like you're faking it till you make it? Terrified that someone will find out you aren't (fill in the blank - smart enough, talented enough, experienced enough)? Learn to own your own power.


Feel like you can never live up to the standards you've set for yourself? Find yourself abandoing projects because they just aren't good enough to put out in the world? Change your mindset!

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries isn't just about setting boundaries with other people. Learn how to set boundaries with yourself first and get what you really want out of life.


Notice who is your worst critic? Learn to recognize when your inner critic is in control and how to persude her to let a wiser part of you step forward.

real stories

The coaching I got from Alex changed my life! I learned to trust my self more and set much needed boundaries with my family! I refer all my friends to Alex!
Caroline S.
Alex rocks! Before coaching I feared online dating. I assumed everyone would reject me. I often disqualified myself first so others wouldn't. Now I feel much more confident navigating those muddy waters!
Brooke R.
I used to feel like such an imposter at work. Being the youngest employee messes with your head. Coaching with Alex taught me to stand up tall.
Kirsten F.

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